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Clouds by king-of-the-universe Clouds :iconking-of-the-universe:king-of-the-universe 1 0 Red Eye Not Removed by king-of-the-universe Red Eye Not Removed :iconking-of-the-universe:king-of-the-universe 0 0 Eye by king-of-the-universe Eye :iconking-of-the-universe:king-of-the-universe 2 0 Among the Lights by king-of-the-universe Among the Lights :iconking-of-the-universe:king-of-the-universe 0 1 Sky Whale and Spectra by king-of-the-universe Sky Whale and Spectra :iconking-of-the-universe:king-of-the-universe 0 0
Cold Hands, Warm Hearts
With Autumn's end comes wisps of snow
Flakes of crisp white flurry down.
The days of warmth have evaporated
Like sleet in early June
So fickle and temporary.
You feel the cold like so few do.
It permeates your body
From your lily white cheeks
To your frost ridden shoes.
Through scarf and coat,
Glove and Boot.
A true princess of ice and snow.
I feel the cold like so many.
Through warm coats and thick skin,
A dull numbness inside and out.
Coarse personalities and cold interactions
Like snowfall against pavement.
Yet still through shivers
and frozen gloves,
You love people for being them.
With cold hands and a warm heart
You thaw away the snow.
:iconking-of-the-universe:king-of-the-universe 2 0
Natural 20 by king-of-the-universe Natural 20 :iconking-of-the-universe:king-of-the-universe 0 0 Kimono by king-of-the-universe Kimono :iconking-of-the-universe:king-of-the-universe 0 0 Whiskers by king-of-the-universe Whiskers :iconking-of-the-universe:king-of-the-universe 5 0 Flowers 1 by king-of-the-universe Flowers 1 :iconking-of-the-universe:king-of-the-universe 1 0 DA ID by king-of-the-universe DA ID :iconking-of-the-universe:king-of-the-universe 0 1
Green Leaves in Autumn
I saw her once
by the smoke of her cigarette
swirling against the café wall,
alit with burning passion
and smelling of dewdrops.
She was like green leaves in Autumn,
carelessly getting lost in the seasons
without thinking of consequence.
Like a learning experience
in a scarf and coat.
My dirty-blonde thought process,
mumbling nonsense between the puffs
and leaving scars where it hurts.
It’s what’s on the inside that counts.
:iconking-of-the-universe:king-of-the-universe 0 0
Rainy Proclaimer
The first time I saw rain, I knew that I would love it.
I didn’t know what love was, but I knew it was a very happy thing. And I was very happy.
I would walk hand in hand with my Mum and Dad and be glad of everything I could have or have had. For I had this chance to experience great joy in something so very small.
And it is the small things that really count. The titillating tear shaped drops of happiness pattered down on me.
The me without worry or care.
The me where the most stressful thing in my whole life was whether my next door neighbour’s daughter liked me or not.
She didn’t, which is why when she called me to her yard and kissed me on the cheek I was so much more confused.
“Girls are weird,” I’d proclaim to my mum, with all the wisdom of a five year old monk. She used to say that I should walk 500 miles, because I was always a “Proclaimer.”
The wonderful, horrible thing about five year olds is that they speak what they believe to
:iconking-of-the-universe:king-of-the-universe 0 0
The few words I write
Say oh so very little
And not a lot else
:iconking-of-the-universe:king-of-the-universe 0 0
Mantises chirped loudly beneath the pale moonlight. The hard wooden veranda was cold against my back as I stared blankly into the dark starless night sky. The moon looked so alone, shining desperately into the cloudy space, grasping for any attention it could find.
I felt sympathetic. For so long, I had been alone too, going out night after night, shining as brightly as I could muster into the empty space. Just wanting to be noticed by a single star. Praying that I won't have to spend another night alone.
I sat upwards as my last cigarette peaked out of my jean pocket.I took out a match and lit it. It smelt disgusting, just as it always did, but was still comforting.
"Don't worry Moon, I will stay with you until you star comes."
As I pressed the cigarette against my mouth, the wind blew lightly. The first breeze of summer. It flicked against my hair delicately. The chilled air felt seductive against the humid warmth.
Two soft arms wrapped around my waist as a warm, sticky face press
:iconking-of-the-universe:king-of-the-universe 0 0
Seasonal Love
Her love was like a Summer
Hot and heavy
Full of fun
Brighter than anything else
But when it ends, you feel lost
As the leaves fall and wither
And the sun is no more
As the clouds cover up
Everything that was so bright.
His love was like Winter
Cold and dreary
Secluded and numb
When you're there you feel alone
More than by yourself
But when it ends, you feel alive
As the leaves come back
And the sun gains its shine
As the clouds show its white
Everything feels so bright.
:iconking-of-the-universe:king-of-the-universe 1 0
My latest works. Feel free to browse my gallery. Any feedback will be very appreciated, and if you like what you see, feel free to watch and fave!

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So, it has been a while since an update, may as well do one now. I am not in the best of health at the moment, had my first absences all year... I have been struggling through it but my body just caved.

I have a new notebook that I have been carrying with me everywhere. I have been writing frequently, however poetry has become more of a personal thing for me. I may post something here and there, but mostly it is a self expression thing. I have been discovering a bit about myself lately. The book I am reading is partially study for a personal interest of mine, but also it is really helping me out with getting to know myself.

As far as photography goes, I am currently saving up my money to buy myself a pretty little camera. I am hoping to maybe start doing either street or fashion photography. I saw a blog called Humans of New York, and am thinking maybe I will do something similar to that. People of Hobart or something like that.

I have been spending my free time between classes discovering Hobart. There are some really cool buildings around, as well as lots of cool little shops. Pineapple Ice Tea with Mango Jelly is literally the best thing my face has ever had the joy of tasting!

Anyway, just a little update. I have not been frequenting DA as much recently, but I will try and post some stuff here and there.
  • Listening to: Arithmetic - Brooke Fraser
  • Reading: Models - Mark Manson
  • Watching: A Goofy Movie
  • Playing: Brink
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Momo's Ice Tea


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